We Solve
Root Cause Conservation Issues

We Solve Root Cause Conservation Issues

HCF Team

We achieve breakthrough conservation solutions.

Project & Program Management

Supporting conservation organizations that are working on scalable, market-based solutions to environmental issues.


Providing funding to support projects using "catalytic grants," modeled on a venture philanthropy approach.

Education Programs

Educating the public about previously unrecognized "out of sight, out of mind" environmental issues and how they can get involved to address them.

Our primary emphasis areas for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are:

Life On Land
Life Below Water
Climate Action
Responsible Consumption and Production

Our Approach

We work through a scalable process in engaging teams to solve root cause conservation issues by piloting and testing solutions.



Define the problem, discover the root cause, align, fund, and strategize



Develop novel solutions for testing and learning, re-energize existing solutions



Create new potential through focused growth

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We are proud to have long-term working relationships with a range ofconservation-focused organizations around the world. We have worked with some of these organizations for years, while for others, we are closely mission-aligned and mutually supportive in driving impact together.

Ocean Plastics Leadership Network
Loon Preservation Committee
Exponential Philantrhopy
Alex C Walker Foundation

Howell Conservation Fund's approach is grounded in venture philanthropy, creating public-private-philanthropic partnerships (P4) to drive the development of conservation solutions.

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